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Our Kids Conversations About Adoption

(entry by Paul)
Today is adoption day!  Two years ago, Ava, Abby and Ethan officially became Behnkes.  A lot has happened since then.  Ava has fallen in love with horses and helping people. Abby has found her independent voice and her love for fashion and all things pretty.  Ethan has lost a tooth and has found a sweet spot for cuddling and saying sweet things.  We're entering the more independent stage, which we love. They wipe and clean themselves, they buckle themselves in the car, they dress and pick out their clothes, take showers, and will soon be making their own lunches, at least that's our goal.  This fall all of our kids will be in school five days a week.  Wow, a lot has changed.  But overall, our kids seem to have realized that what adoption really is and what it means.

From the very beginning we had decided that our kids would always know that they are adopted. When appropriate we would share their story with them and help them understand it. So here are a couple …

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